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Maestro Matrix Iris

Maestro Matrix Iris

SKU: 3703

Strongly pronounced graphic designs dominate the characterful Maestro line. The seductive play of lines in this collection awakens curiosity. Equally exciting is the craftsmanship ensuring a new unusual take on carpets while at the same time providing a wonderful soft feel. This is due to highly compact tufting and the unique properties of New Zealand Wool. The luxurious look of the Matrix range comes from its pixel pattern combining two cool shades of grey and two warmer hues of colour.


    SKU 3703:" Once a showroom display I'm still in decent condition but I've got tiny holes where I used to hang. Nothing major though just adds to my character!"


    • SHAPE: Rectangle
    • TYPE: Tuft
    • COMPOSITION: 60% Wool - 40% Silk
    • DURABILITY: Residential Use
    • USAGE: Indoor
€4,413.00 Regular Price
€1,985.85Sale Price
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