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Sisalana String

Sisalana String

SKU : 3914

Inspired by the paper used for the art of traditional Japanese calligraphy Sisalana is the canvas on which one can express the interior designer within. A blend of wool and sisal comprise this woven rug. The anti-slide felt will keep your rug perfectly in place.


    SKU 3914:" Once a showroom display I'm still in very good condition but I've got tiny holes where I used to hang. Nothing major though it is only visible on the backside of the rug!"


    • SHAPE: Rectangle
    • TYPE: Woven
    • COMPOSITION: 70% Wool - 30% Sisal
    • DURABILITY: Residential Use
    • USAGE: Indoor
1 664,00 € Prix original
915,20 €Prix promotionnel
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