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Maestro Tempo Ginger

Maestro Tempo Ginger

SKU : 3567

Strongly pronounced graphic designs dominate the characterful Maestro line. The seductive play of lines in this collection awakens curiosity. Equally exciting is the craftsmanship ensuring a new take on carpets while at the same time providing a wonderful soft feel. This is due to highly compact tufting and the unique properties of New Zealand wool.


    SKU 3567:" In good condition I have some faint footprints but they're hardly noticeable. These subtle traces add a touch of character blending seamlessly into my design. I remain a stylish and cozy addition to any space."


    • SHAPE: Organic
    • TYPE: Tuft
    • COMPOSITION: 50% Wool - 50% Silk
    • DURABILITY: Residential Use
    • USAGE: Indoor
3 996,00 € Prix original
1 798,20 €Prix promotionnel
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